If you are here, it’s probably because you are an investor looking for a reliable and experienced agent to manage your property investments.

Having over 30 years of extensive experience with 2 of Sydney’s biggest franchise networks, we decided it was time to bring the savings to you and give our clients a reason to celebrate.

These are just some of the reasons to give us a call and change agents.

  • Our office policy always places ethics before business
  • We provide the highest level of service and turn around
  • We will beat the fees you are currently paying 
  • We can offer a senior property manager who will be  personally assigned as investment manager 
  • Trial 2 months management for free
  • No ongoing monthly hidden fees
  • No hidden charges for postage
  • Quality professionally taken photographs
  • Twice yearly routine inspections (up to 4 annually)
  • Your statements on time every time
  • Direct debit authorisation for tenants means your rent is always paid on a regular basis 
  • Access to your account via website online 24/7   

Phone: (02) 8372 0600

Email: [email protected]

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